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Find the cryptocurrencies that matter!

How many times have you wasted hours on the analysis, review, and search for signals to open a position – only to be too late or hesitate when it was time to pull the trigger? Algory Project is a set of powerful and multifunctional tools focused on the cryptocurrency market and designed with trading efficiency in mind. If you trade cryptocurrencies, you absolutely need Algory. It is the most actionable and multifunctional tool ever built for individual crypto-traders all over the world. Founded by traders for traders, it gives you an amazing edge when trading cryptocurrencies. Algory Project includes 13 tools, some of which are described below.

Powerful Cryptoscanner

Never be late again, become a real pro!

Create fully automated and versatile filters and alerts that scan the cryptocurrency markets in real-time. The scanner will radically change the way you search and pick cryptocurrencies for trading! Learn in real-time which cryptocurrencies are hot by using more than 100 different filters and alerts. Analyze all the cryptocurrencies that are relevant to your trading strategy. Take advantage of autotrading based on filters and alerts too!

  • cryptonews
  • cryptonews
  • cryptonews
  • cryptonews
  • cryptonews


Profit with faster news & research.

Are you tired of trying to glue together all the websites that you use... just to find the hottest news? Meet the quickest and most advanced News Streamer in the Cryptocurrency Industry. Created for traders who need to be fast. Now you have got it all in one place: news services, blogs, tweets, Reddit, and much more! A highly intuitive workspace that you can browse by your own sources and criteria. Stay on top of every headline that matters to your portfolio. Timing the market to perfection is hard. Stop waiting for headlines and get the current news. Check the news, talked-about cryptocurrencies, and sentiment indicators so you will know about the potential impact of a story.

Blockchain Analyzer

Wanna trade like a “whale”?

Monitoring cold and hot wallets in order to analyze the potential sales in the market resulting from the transfers of large volumes of cryptocurrencies between wallets and exchanges. Add the address of the wallet you are interested in and respond before a big player wreaks havoc on the market. Be like a whale! :)

  • backtesting
  • backtesting

Backtest your filters and alerts

Increase your profitability with a backtested strategy.

Strategy backtesting is an essential tool to see if your strategy will work or not. Our backtester will use historical data to check how profitable your strategy has been and will give you an insight into what it may look like in future. You are able to check the backtested data across different period of time, so you always stay up to date.

ICO analyzer

Analyze. Support. Profit!

$2.35 billion collected through ICO in one year! Impressive! This is an enormous amount reaching the market on an ongoing basis. Check out the project before you decide to support it. Use the ICO Analyzer to check all ICOs. Check ICO wallets or keep up with the information on transfers between the major projects in the world of ICOs.

  • ico
  • ico


Find it and Trade it!

All the cryptocurrencies rankings that you need, sorted in any way you want. Need to check a particular crypto before pulling the trigger? Here, you’ve got it right in front of you. Choose your own list of cryptocurrencies you are interested in scanning for news, movement, and more. Check all the information you can imagine about any listed cryptocurrency. Get quick access to trending cryptocurrencies.

Q1 2018 Core system development Algory product website Q2 2018 Cryptoscanner v 1.0.release Cryptonews v 1.0. release Chart signal and analytics v 1.0. release Q3 2018 ICO Analyzer v 1.0. release Cryptoviewer v 1.0. release Cryptocoin v 1.0. release Exchange comparison v 1.0.release Q4 2018 Arbitrage scanner v 1.0. release Social learning v 1.0. release Trading room v 1.0. release Q1 2019 Backtesting v 1.0. release Blockchain analyzer v 1.0. release Q2 2019 Autotrading v 1.0. release

The Best Team Algory

Tomasz Przybycień


Profitable Equity Trader since 2008 and cryptocurrency trader since 2014. Owner of proprietary trading company managing traders from all over the world. Organizer of the biggest Day Trading Conference in Poland. Always trying to find the edge on the markets, that’s why he created the Algory Project.

Dominik Gordel


Experienced U.S. Equity and cryptocurrency Trader. Cryptocurrency lecturer and commentator. Ambitious and passionate about trading and cryptomarkets. Constantly tries to find new ways to improve his trading capabilities. Enthusiastic rubik's cube solver and skiing fan.

Marcin Gordel

Blockchain & Software Developer

Software Engineer specializing in web applications, e-commerce solutions and specialized applications for a specific business environment. As a huge enthusiast of blockchain technology and decentralized applications based on Ethereum, constantly develops his skills by creating decentralized solutions for web applications.

Jakub Jodłowski

Product & Software Developer

Experienced trader and open-minded full-stack developer. His specialties is PHP, JavaScript and NodeJS. He works for many companies and start-ups, helping them create and develope their products and services. Ambitious entrepreneur, family man and sport freak.

Wojciech Gordel

Product Manager

Professional U.S Equity Day Trader and cryptocurrency Trader. Trading Office Manager. Open minded entrepreneur with experience in e-commerce and gastronomy. Enjoys new challenges and is willing to go beyond the patterns in business. Fascinated by the stock exchange, forex, and cryptocurrency. Has a genuine interest in finding the most profitable strategies. A determined snowboarder.

Wojciech Kałążny

Senior Software Developer

He has more than 13-years’ experience in IT and WEB applications. Specializes in optimization and security. Strongly experienced in creating websites, online applications, mobile applications, data processing systems and 2D games. In the course of his professional career he has worked with several advertising agencies and corporations. He has executed many significant projects for clients from USA, UK, France, Germany and Sweden.

Anna Przybycień


Experienced marketing specialist focused on branding and exploring new markets. Anna has strong skills in research and the creation of marketing strategies to help in international expansion.

Adam Stankiewicz

Product Manager on Asian Market

Adam is Project manager at the trading office, traveling extensively around China. Experienced and passionate about assisting game-changing start-ups with their business development in the Asia-Pacific region. Background in finance and equity trading. Enthusiastic about Chinese, economics, and skiing.

Katarzyna Matysek

Customer Service Manager

Experienced in the implementation of Next Generation Customer Service Model (Order to Cash) for Europe. Focuses on developing the ability to identify and deploy continuous improvement initiatives to deliver best practice outcomes. Interested in e-commerce and an enthusiast of thrillers and crime literature.

Emilia Rumińska


She specializes in event and content marketing. She’s helped build the image of several brands and organized wide-scale Polish and European events. She welcomes any challenges her work poses, especially when working on major projects. She’s interested in handicraft. In her spare time, she’s busy planning her next trip to Japan.

Piotr Wojtczak


Piotr is an experienced designer and art director working across many fields, passionate about motion and sound design.

The Best Algory Advisors

Roman Storm

Blockchain & Solidity Developer

Roman is a specialist in Solidity and Smart Contracts. He has vast experience in software development from various companies: Amazon, UserTesting, Vault 12, Marketron. Betfair, Cisco. Roman graduated from South Ural State University STEM program, currently, he is living and working in the United States.

Michał Przybycień

Software Developer

Software developer with strong experience in C++. Works for a worldwide leader in electronic design automation. Very enthusiastic about Scrum methodology. Believes in unit testing. Loves travelling and volleyball and is a frequent binge watcher.

Przemysław Borecki

Trading View Manager

Well-known senior level executive with wide experience in top brokerage institutions. He has worked as a consultant for a number of established and start-up brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges, guiding them to create efficient strategies based on the latest trading technology. He is also skilled in marketing, valuations, analysis, strategy, and innovation.

Anna Maria Stern

Professional Trader

Anna is a successful trader, dedicated strategy builder and researcher. She started trading FX in 2009 and Equities in 2011. Her specialization is news trading and unusual options activity. Leads a healthly lifestyle. Loves cooking, pilates and yoga.

Marcin Polak

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Experienced IT professional who has worked for several well-known global companies. He has strong experience with complex IT infrastructures especially in the area of virtualization and application delivery. Open minded person, geek, and passionate traveler.

Oskar Rożyński

Professional Trader

Oskar is a successful trader and technology consultant. He started trading FX and Equities in 2004 and has been trading actively ever since. He worked for brokerage houses and founded and operated Europrop Trading Poland which managed +100 traders.

Eduardo Gamarci

Professional Trader

Day-trader for more than 10 years. Former trader at SwiftTrade Argentina. Since moved to Poland started to collaborate developing trading tools and software. @SpeedyCalls member and contributor since 2015.

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